Day 5 – The Puzzle


So, where does driving sales start?

What’s the first step in your journey to driving massive sales to your restaurant?  

It starts with customer data, aka a customer list.  But more importantly, it starts with building a list of your best customers, “your frequent ones.”  A database is one thing, but a database of your best customers is another. 

There are three ways to grow your sales and the first is by driving your best customers in more often or getting them to spend more money on their regular visits.  And in order to that you need to know exactly who they are.  Worst case scenario you need their email address.  But ideally you’d have your restaurant’s best customers: name, email, cell phone number and birthday.  Then and only then can you really build a meaningful relationship with them and drive on demand sales from the easiest set of customers.

So that means you need to create a plan to get this information from your customers.  There are three logical places to start.  First is inside your restaurant, with your team and point of sale, or a marketing database software.  Second is from your website and online ordering.  And the third place is your restaurant’s social media pages.  

Now you know where to get them, tomorrow we talk about HOW to get them.

P.S. My drawing of puzzle pieces each day hasn’t gotten any better, go figure, it’s only been a few days 🙂

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