If you’re not doing this you won’t see success!

Leveraging your team’s strengths!

I cannot stress enough the importance of not only understanding but using your team’s strengths to get the job done!

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Do you know the story behind the MP logo?

Do you know the story behind the MP logo? Well, this is how it happened!

To hear how we went from just plain orange shirts to our BADASS shirts with MP logos you’ll need to watch the full video on my channel!

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Every Brand Needs A TikTok!

My team social media team kept telling me I needed to do this to grow my brand…

Create a TikTok account!

In today’s digital marketing landscape it is more important than ever to be your own influencer. That all starts by being everywhere your customers!

If your customers or target audience are on TikTok then you’ll need to be on TikTok if you want to reach them!

Listen to the rest of this call I had with a client on my channel!

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What Menu Items Should You Use For Promotions In Your Restaurant?

How does your restaurant price you menu items and do you take into consideration your profit margin on an item before using it in a promotion?

We have hundreds of restaurants we work with nationwide and for many of them we have a marketing campaign running with an “ethical bribe”. Recently it came to my attention a client of ours was losing money at their menu price for an item we are using as a BOGO.

🛑WHAT (insert tires screeching from stopping)🛑

I was blown away. Why did the restaurant suggest this item and honestly more importantly WHY DIDN’T WE ASK!

Well, today I’m leaning on my friend David Scott Peters to help me dig into pricing menu items and how to identify a LOSER when it comes to a promo.

David is the author of Restaurant Prosperity Formula and a world renowned restaurant coach who teaches restaurant owners and managers how to cut costs, increase profits, and lead their teams to success in the hospitality industry.

You can find David online at…

Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/davidscottpeters
Instagram: www.instagram.com/davidscottpeters

Here’s a great video DSP did on menu pricing and recipe costing cards.

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When I woke up this morning I found the SOLUTION!

After several tough conversations with my salespeople, I was stuck wondering what to do…

Instead of focusing on the negatives of these conversations I switched my perspective and focused on the positive and it all made sense!

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As a business owner, what’s your time worth?

I recently spoke with a client who owns a restaurant; he was spending 5 to 10 hours a week building Facebook ads!

That’s 5 – 10 hours a week he’s not running his restaurant!

He’s wasting countless dollars of his time by not hiring a company that could do it for a fraction!

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MP TV with Matt Plapp – New Product Developments with Kristian Cotta

In episode 120 of MP TV, I had the opportunity to have Kristian Cotta in town from Arizona! He owns Local 480 Media, and has been working with America’s Best Restaurants for some time! While in town he got to hang out with the team, immerse in our company culture, and explore new product developments. His visit wouldn’t have been complete if I didn’t have him in the studio for an episode of MP TV!

In this podcast you can expect to hear about:
– Who Christian is.
– His backstory and how he has made a career in social media marketing.
– What Local 480 Media does.
– How America’s Best Restaurant works with Local 480 media.

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WIN $100 just by commenting!⬇️⬇️

In 2022 everyone is on their phones, so why aren’t you reaching your customers there?

Comment below the social media platform you spend the most time on so we can help restaurant owners understand that’s where they can reach you!

One lucky commenter will be selected to win $100!!

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