Day 17 – The Puzzle

You only get one body, take care of it and LISTEN to it!

As you know I do what I can to take care of myself, which is eating much better than most and working out 5-6 times per week.  

I strongly feel that if you’re not taking steps every day to grow your business and your body, then you’re taking days off the life of each.  Growth is the only option and when that comes to you body that is making yourself stronger and harder to kill, EVERY DAY!  

And that includes, LISTENING to it.  Last week ended with 4 solid days of working out for me, honestly, probably a tad too much.  On Monday as I’m in the office playing ping pong and making quick moves to get the ball (we have some solid pongers in our office), I felt a slight sting in my achilles.  

On Tuesday I felt it more and opted to take the day off and be smart in how I moved about that day.  The achilles is nothing to mess with and part of staying in shape and becoming stronger is being ABLE to do the exercises.  I also started icing and heating it that night too.  And then throughout the week I took it easy and didn’t push it.  On Saturday I was due to complete in a small CrossFit competition with some friends and didn’t want to miss it, but I also didn’t want to miss the next 6 months 🙂

So on Saturday I scaled the movements that could have issues and on the 3rd workout which had a lot of moves I should avoid I bowed out and let someone else sub for me.  And on Sunday, the day I do my 4.6 mile hill and stairs run every week I’ll take a week off, the first since August of 2023.  I’m totally bummed about that, but I know it’s the right thing to do to stay healthy.  

My friends, I hope you all choose to live a healthier life than you are now, but I also hope when you’re on that journey you can put you ego to the side and listen to your body.

The Heroes of Hospitality | Changing the Game for Restaurants Everywhere! #restaurantindustry

Ever wondered what happens when two CEOs share a pizza? Check out Episode 2 of “Heroes of Hospitality” From that initial slice to bold pitches and negotiations, watch as we cook up a groundbreaking merger that’s set to change the game for independent restaurants everywhere.

Watch Episode 2 now: Link in bio.

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Day 16 – The Puzzle

Massive Attention & Excitement

That’s what we aim to bring to independent restaurants ALL OF THE US O A!

This same email happens 100+ times per week, Google letting me know ABR is getting the spotlight for a local restaurant we are visiting. Traditional media LOVE what we are doing, because they know where consumers attention is in 2024…THEIR PHONE!

The hard work happening every day inside the 4-walls of these restaurants is insane and NO ONE is telling their stories, except America’s Best Restaurants.

In the past 3 years we’ve visited and filmed at over 1,300 restaurants, 50x what the biggest TV show on old school cable did.  Oh and by the way, our shows get 100X more local views than theirs 🙂

But the ABR Roadshow is just the tip of the iceberg.  IN 2025 we’ll roll out 5 new shows built for bigger platforms that will drive traffic to our online series the ABR Roadshow and then  BUT ULTIMATELY that traffic will end up in restaurants dining rooms as we drive massive sales through this media and marketing funnel.  

Y’all are only seeing a piece of what we’re building.  We will supplant the TV and online restaurant brands THAT YOU KNOW, like Yelp & Food Network, within 24 months as the DOMINATE brand for restaurant media and marketing.  

And we will have the Ultimate Restaurant Marketing Platform that drives sales!

Doc Episode 2 Final Export

In the second episode of “Heroes of Hospitality,” we witness the partnership between Matt Plapp, CEO of America’s Best Restaurants, and Kamron Karington, CEO of Repeat Returns. Their journey begins over a shared pizza, where they lay the foundation for what would become a groundbreaking merger.

Kamron, driven by determination, prepares a pitch aimed at capturing Matt’s attention—a pitch that could mark the beginning of a significant change. As Kamron takes a bold step to visit Matt’s team, their interaction hints at the potential of a powerful alliance.

The path to partnership is not smooth, as both leaders face trials that not only challenge their professional bond but also their new friendship. Witness the strategic dance of negotiation and the high stakes as they inch closer to a groundbreaking agreement. Will their efforts redefine competitive strategies for independent restaurants?

“This is creating easy ways for independents to compete with the chains” says David Scott Peters, Author of the Restaurant Prosperity Formula

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Day 15 – The Puzzle

Todays podcast of Restaurant Marketing Secrets, Episode 577, is about the “no & know” funnel.  

In another word a funnel could be called an opportunity.  

An opportunity to DRIVE more customers through the door.

An opportunity to SELL MORE FOOD at your restaurant.

The term FUNNEL is common in the marketing world.  It’s a term we use to explain our plan with each particular opportunity to sell something.  When you get oil at the gas station and they give you that little paper funnel, it’s to help you get the oil into that small oil fill hole more efficiently and with out making a mess. 

In marketing, we aim to do the same.  We aim to gather your customers into a database and take them on a journey.  And that journey for your restaurant should ALWAYS end with them visiting for a meal.

So what are the “opportunities” in the restaurant space?  What funnels MUST exist or COULD exist?

Here are some of my favorites:

– New Customer Acquisition

– Frequent Customer Acquisition

– Lost Customer Acquisition

– Birthdays

– Catering & Business Decision Makers

– Charitable Affiliations

– Sports Teams

– Beer Drinkers

– Wine Drinkers

– Special Events

These are just 10 off the top of my head.

I want you to close your eyes and visual this with me.  Picture these 10 marketing funnels in front of you. Each funnel has new people being added every day.  Sometimes they are added to 4-5 funnels at the same time and working their way through it. Every day while you run the business and sleep these customers are working their way through an email, text, messenger and social media campaign.  They are being exposed to your brand and constantly given an EXCUSE to spend money with you.

AND NOW picture hundreds of customers dropping out of the bottom of those funnels and walking into your restaurant and spend money (Scroll down to see my amazing drawing of this ).  

The issue I see with all restaurants is predictable sales and customer traffic.  And that 100% comes from a marketing plan.  And that plan all comes down to not having these funnels created.

This is why we acquired Repeat Returns, to help restaurants get access to a software that puts people into the funnels they should be in and market to them DAILY with one simple goal, DRIVE SALES!   Stay tuned this year, we aim to create a 1 of a kind restaurant marketing platform that helps owners drive sales on auto pilot with funnels like this.  

Oh and be the way,  I highly recommend you watch our free trainings on funnels in ABR U, CLICK HERE to check those out.

Chain restaurants don’t stand a chance against this level of marketing #restaurantindustry

Here’s another fantastic example of community impact that big chains just can’t match!

I always admire folks like @pizzamandans who pour their heart and soul into their brand. He’s living and breathing his business, from the way he dresses to his branded car, truly leaving a mark on his community. Picture this: a pizza-wrapped Corvette pulling up to deliver your order—now that’s something you won’t forget!

Ready to take your restaurant’s marketing to the next level? Check out the Restaurant Marketing Secrets podcast linked in my bio!
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Day 14 – The Puzzle

A recent question I got while speaking to a private group of restaurant owners for Performance Food Group was: “How can I use coupons on the front end of my marketing to attract customers?”

This is a question I love, because it shows me the restaurant owner is looking for solutions to acquire new customers.  But more importantly, they are willing to invest in acquiring new customers.

Unfortunately, too many restaurants think that “word of mouth” will build their business and new people will magically appear every day.  We all wish that were the truth, BUT IT’S NOT!  You must, MUST, have a strategy running every day that is not only gaining the attention of new customers, but also getting them to give you their contact information to add to your restaurants customer database.

So back to the question, how would I suggest they use coupons to attract customers.

Short answer, I wouldn’t.

Coupons SUCK!  They brand your restaurant wrong and send the exact opposite message you want to send, that YOU’RE FOR SALE!  Meaning, you’re willing to pay them to eat at your restaurant one time and if you’ll do it once, you’ll do it many more times.

Offers on the other hand, RULE!  And an OFFER is exactly what you should be using on the front end of your marketing to attract new customers.  

“But Matt, what’s the difference between a coupon and offer?”

A coupon is a discount.

An offer is something for FREE that comes with strings attached, and those strings are for the exchange of said offer for THEIR contact information.  You’re horse trading.  Here’s a free burger, but first what’s your name, email, cell phone number and birthday. 

Now tomorrow we’ll dig into why you shouldn’t send your best customers coupons either.  You should send them REWARDS and incentives…WORDS MATTER MY FRIENDS.

Day 13 – The Puzzle

What makes you and me different when compared to our competitors?

My competition are MASSIVE ventured backed marketing firms and heritage media companies.

Your biggest competitors are the chains with massive budgets.

So what makes us different?  WE DO!  Our difference is US.

Those companies are faceless and their voice is that of advertisements and business catch phrases.  

This is why I feel so strongly about you and I being visible in our marketing.  Blogs, podcasts and social media video are ALL FREE and an amazing way to associate a personality with a business.  

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard from restaurant owners about their comfort in doing business with America’s Best Restaurants and Repeat Returns due to the fac that they know who’s behind it, see me online every day and know I’m a phone call away. 

And that’s on a national level, imagine the power you could have in your backyard…it’s a GOLD MINE and it’s how you build a legendary business.