Planted Virus!

This is what got me to where I am today!

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Left on read

Are you responding to your messages?

No, not your text messages, the messages to your restaurant! People are trying to give you money!

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Add $5,900 to your bottom line!

Want to learn how we helped ad $5,900 in incremental profit to this restaurant’s bottom line?

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Check out my podcast linked below:

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This affects your restaurant!

Third-party delivery services can affect your restaurant!

Think about it, someone in pajamas is now delivering your food to your customers.

They now represent your brand just like an employee!

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My first website

This is how I got started in digital marketing!

Click the link below to see hear how I went from designing simple websites to a titan of the marketing world!

#Mattplapp #entrepreneur

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Dealership Horror Story

This dealer noticed something went horribly wrong…

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#Mattplapp #dealership #dealershipstory

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Your restaurant’s birthday offers are probably lame…

Offer something badass!

You want me to celebrate in your restaurant because it’s not just me! It’s my whole family coming with me!

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Follow Your Instincts!

This should be INSTINCTIVE!

Taking your phone out and shooting content in your restaurant!

It’s all part of telling your story and connecting with your customers.

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#Mattplapp #americasbestrestaurants #restaurantmarketingpodcast #howtoshootvideo

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My Origin Story

This is how I started my nationwide marketing firm!

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#americasbestrestaurants #entrepreneurs

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