MP TV – Episode 95 – People Said Starting A Restaurant Was A 50/50 Chance…

This week on MPTV stars Andy who started his restaurant business 👨‍🍳 back in 2018. But it wasn’t as easy as you think 🧠. He wanted to create a 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 family friendly environment in the Las Vegas 🎰 area. Turns out it was a great idea! 😃 When surrounded by a community of entertainment 🎉 businesses, there’s a lack ⛔️ of local support. Slater’s 50/50 is here to serve 🍳 the locals and give out amazing 🍔 burgers! Check out how he supports both ✌️ his customers AND his employees here on MPTV!

🍔 If you can’t out-spend…you need to out-smart
🍔 Locals are the people who keep you open
🍔 The food is just as important as the gaming in Vegas
🍔 Stay away from restaurants…they said…
🍔 Vegas is full of families too! Andy knew they needed a place to go
🍔 Vegas has a competitive working wage…here’s how Andy keeps his staff engaged

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America’s Best Restaurants LIVE – 006

Week 6 of America’s Best Restaurants LIVE is here! Tune in and relax as Doug paints the vision of America’s Best Restaurants

ABR LIVE is an outlet for restaurant owners and industry experts to share their story & knowledge with avid restaurant professionals & consumers.

In the series premiere, expect:
– The ABR Mission with Doug Smith
– Featured Episode – Pasquale’s Pizza & Pasta
– Meet The Owner – Brett from Tempe Taco in Columbus, Ohio
– ABR Episodes Premiering THIS WEEK
– LIVE from the West Coast with Ryan Howe

Be sure to tune in and enjoy the show!

America’s Best Restaurants aims to help independent restaurant owners take control of their narrative & show consumers where they should be eating on a weekly basis.

Join in on the fun:

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