WOW, Your Birthday Marketing SUCKS!

WOW, Your Birthday Marketing SUCKS!

Today is my Birthday, and so far every company has done a VERY bad job.

1st – 3 identical emails from competing car dealers, SERIOUSLY?

2nd – Not 1, NOT 1 Facebook ad this week targeting me for my BDay

3rd – It’s after lunch on my BDay and of the hundreds of restaurants I’m signed up for that have my Bday, only a FEW have sent me an email


1st – 7 Hills Brewing – 1 Email a few days ago and a reminder today…LOVE IT

2nd – Big Mama’s & Poppa’s Pizza – Great FREE offer, not a coupon

3rd – Jason Lewis Chrysler – simple and to the point, not the same as EVERYONE else’s

If you want to stop SUCKING at very easy marketing, please let us help. We help HUNDREDS of restaurants nationwide on this very low hanging fruit…BIRTHDAYS

Message me and we’ll get you on a call to see what you’re doing and see how we can help or WORST CASE give you some free advice

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How & What To Look At When Re-Opening Your Restaurant

Today I’ll be joined by 2 restaurant accounting professionals from San Francisco to discuss what they are seeing with regards to navigating re-opening and other hot topics in the restaurant world right now like PPP, EIDL Loans and 3rd Party Delivery.

Laurie Aaronson & Stacy Gunn from AOC SF work with hundreds of restaurants on the West Coast and are on the front line of these topics.

Join us for a great live discussion

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Fire With My Dad

Every Thursday around 4pm EST I go LIVE with my pops to talk biz, life and honestly WHO KNOWS!

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LinkedIn Messages and Reach Outs with Marcus Murphy

Messaging and Reach Outs on LinkedIn can be incredibly beneficial for you and your business. You can see when people have looked at your profiled and, according to Marcus Murphy, this is the BIGGEST MISSED OPPORTUNITY, because you don’t reach out to them. To get the conversation going, send them a quick message saying, “Hey, I saw you stopped by my profile. Is there anything I can help you with?”

Check out more tips and tricks for using LinkedIn in my session with Marcus Murphy, the LinkedIn Ninja, here:

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Restaurant Owners Discuss 3rd Party Delivery – Survive COVID-19 Recession | Restaurant Help 2020

We gathered 3 restaurant owners to discus 3rd party delivery services that are sweeping the US.


Make your restaurant RECESSION-PROOF with this FREE offer:

Why did a lot of our clients hold their ground during the Covid-19 shutdowns?  Because they listened and used our tactics and prorgrams that have helped hundreds of restaurants gartner HUGE attention via marketing, then gain meaningfull engagement (facebook loves this) and finally build a database of actual customers who walk in and spend money.

Be sure to check out my blog for 10+ years of advice on how to build your database through engaging marketing. 

Interested in some help?  We have 2 FREE online marketing courses for restaurants.  Click this link to find out more information 

Matt’s new Podcast MP TV takes him all over the US to find out what’s working for restaurant owners and operators JUST LIKE YOU!  Every Tueday at 6pm EST a new show is releasesd.  You can listen on your favorite audio platform or watch the videos on Facebook & YouTube.

Matt’s written 2 books that have been big sellers worldwide.  The tactics covered in Don’t 86 Your Restaurant Sales & Sell More Slices have helped restaurants build their brand, database and drive sales

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Marcus Murphy: The LinkedIn Ninja

How did Marcus Murphy, the LinkedIn Ninja, becomes so skilled and proficient at using LinkedIn?

Well, I had the opportunity to pick his brain about it and he said, “I was an early adopter. I have built a good following through good content thats practical and relevant. And human! I can’t be ‘buttoned up professor guy,’ I need to teach and talk and be real with people.” He dropped some other knowledge bombs during our session and you NEED to hear them.

Check out the FULL LinkedIn Review video here and learn how to optimize your profile for success:

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How 1 Sentence From A Restaurant Owner Changed My Business.

How 1 Sentence From A Restaurant Owner Changed My Business.

“I Can’t Deposit Likes In The Bank”

“Matt, if I go down to 5th 3rd Bank, I can’t deposit those likes”

This 1 sentence.

This 1 conversation

FOREVER changed my journey.

And here we are today, 5 years later proving that YOU CAN turn LIKES into cash money in the bank

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Live Fire With My Dad Every Thursday

Every Thursday me and my Dad chop it up.

I’m pretty fortunate to have this opportunity.

I hear every week from people who say they love watching these, for many different reasons.

Their dad isn’t with us anymore.

They don’t have that type of relationship with their dad.

So for those reasons, I cherish this time every week.

Early on, we were hit and miss with doing this.

Then a few months back I realized how lucky I was and made this weekly ritual a non-negotiable.

Some days we talk business.

Some days it’s life and sports

Tune in at 4pm EST to find out what this episode has in store.

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???? Your Restaurant Social Media Posts…SUCK! Or At Least Need HELP

Ok, maybe they don’t “suck” but there’s a BIG room for improvement and I want to help you! Yesterday I had a conversation with a client about their posts and what they should be doing differently, here are the 5 tips I gave him that I’d give ANYONE

1. Start Using Actual Customer Pictures
2. Start Using Live Video
3. Start Using Boomerangs or time lapse
4. Start Showcasing Your Employees
5. Start Using Contests

Want a FREE book and live in the US? Email

Want to hop on a discovery call and see if we can help you? Click this link to schedule a call

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