How to Prevent 1-Star Reviews and Boost Your Restaurant’s Reputation #restaurantindustry

Ever wonder how to protect your restaurant from those dreaded 1-star reviews? Handling unsatisfied customers offline and resolving their issues can make all the difference, ensuring only satisfied customers leave reviews.

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Discover why sticking to old advertising methods is costing your restaurant in today’s digital age!

Discover why sticking to old-school advertising methods is costing your restaurant customers and profits in today’s digital age…

Traditional advertising methods have been a staple for restaurants, with ads in newspapers, magazines, coupon books, and billboards.

In the old days, owners had no way to know who viewed their ads, couldn’t retarget those who forgot and couldn’t prevent repeat exploitation of offers.

Are you still relying on these outdated methods for your restaurant’s marketing?

The answer should be NO.

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How Domino’s Stays Top of Mind Without Posting Pizza Pics (And How You Can Too!) #restaurantindustry

Domino’s doesn’t need to post a picture of their pizza to stay top of mind to their customers. Everyone already knows that they sell pizza. They decided to stay top of mind in other ways!

Do the fans of your restaurant need to see a picture of your food every day? The answer is NO, but how can you stand out in your community for other reasons?

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Get more repeat visitors for your restaurant! #restaurantindustry

Surveys state that consumers are 65% more likely to dine at a restaurant that delivers a personalized experience. Loyal patrons want to be special and not treated like a number.

Do the fans of your restaurant get that personalized experience? Do you have their data to interact with them on a deeper level? Do you call customers on their birthdays? All the little details stack up to create a personalized dining experience for each customer!

Want to learn how to keep customers coming back through personalized marketing opportunities? Click the link below to check out my podcast- Restaurant Marketing Secrets

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Do the fans of your restaurant need to see a picture of your specials every time they get online?

Successful businesses do not use social media as an outlet to shout “ BUY BUY BUY”! Their loyal followers DON’T need a constant reminder to buy every time they see them.

Do the fans of your restaurant need to see a picture of your food or specials every time they get on Facebook, Instagram, etc? The answer is NO. You just need to keep their attention and stay top of mind!

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THE PHONE METHOD AT CHIPOTLE! #restaurantindustry #fastfoodrestaurant #chipotle

Chipotle is being torn up by customers across social media for allegedly changing the portion sizes. Their fans look to them for consistency in their product so if it’s true and they did change the portions without announcing it… that’s NOT good!

On the other hand, if they didn’t change their portions and they’re letting their customers steer the ship by pulling their phones out and demanding more food then that is extremely bad.

What do you think: Are customers bullying Chipotle workers into giving them more food with the “phone method” or did Chipotle change portion sizes when no one was looking?

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Why Wendy’s Social Media Strategy Works: Lessons for Restaurants

You might look at Wendy’s social media and think, “What the heck is this?”

If you think consumers get on social media to see your boring food pictures or hear about your specials, you’re sadly mistaken. They want to be entertained!

Wendy’s gives consumers what they want on social media, which keeps them relevant in the algorithm.

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Restaurant Marketing: Why Mastering One Platform at a Time is Key #restaurantmarketing

You don’t need to be making TikToks if you can’t even figure out Facebook. Chasing the latest trends won’t help your restaurant succeed. Master one platform at a time to truly grow your business.

Do your fans need to see you on every social media platform? NO. Focus on becoming a master of one before moving to the next.

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Why Small Restaurants Outperform McDonald’s in Social Media #restaurantindustry #restaurantmarketing

McDonald’s is setting up a fund for their social media marketing, but their strategy moves like a cruise ship—slow to start and slow to pivot.

Imagine McDonald’s trying to quickly shift their social media strategy—it’s not happening overnight… But an independent restaurant can see what’s not working today and change things up by tomorrow!

Learn more about how your restaurant can stay agile with social media strategies. Subscribe to the Restaurant Marketing Secrets podcast.

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