I Was Visited by the KING of Donuts

I thought I was dreaming when my friend, Ryan Yauger from Peace Love and Little Donuts walked in with a pizza box FULL of amazing CUSTOM donuts.

Of course, we stuffed our faces, chatted about biz, and recorded an episode of MP TV that will air soon!

Check out Ryan’s business @ https://www.facebook.com/PLLDFlorence

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MP TV With Doug Smith On The Sales Rep’s Intel

Today, I sit down with a long-time friend, Doug Smith! He’s the director of sales for America’s Best Restaurants and today, we dive DEEP into some of our favorite stories and valuable lessons we’ve learned over the years.

Tune in as we talk about:
– Intel
– Fake Names
– Wrong-Sized Chests
– Frequency
– Pure Laziness


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Doug Smith on MP TV ep.116

So many business owners overlook the value of this person, are you?

I’m talking about sales reps!

I’ve been in their shoes, and I can confidently say sales reps have valuable intel to offer business owners!

Don’t forget to tune in to hear the rest of this POWERFUL episode! – MPTV EP.116

#shorts #MattPlapp #MPTV

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By leveraging POWERFUL tech resources were going to be able to achieve this…

After evaluating the Digital Hospitality Tech Stack we are reevaluating how we can best distribute emails to our entire database!

This is just one of the many ways we’re leveraging the Tech Stack!

#shorts #OTP #MattPlapp

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Insuring Your Restaurant Properly & Mindset

It’s episode #124 of Restaurant Expert Roundup and this time around we’re talking insurance and mindset.

David is the owner of Bar and Restaurant Insurance.com and the host of “Bar and Restaurant” podcast.

Instagram: www.instagram.com/iamthedelo
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/daviddelorenzo1
Email: ddelorenzo@ambassadorins.com

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Own Their Phones – Episode 2 – Offer Your Customers Something FREE!

Don’t be afraid to offer your customers something for FREE!

In this episode of Own Their Phones, Matt & Shawn dive into awakening the beast of Digital Restaurant Marketing.

Learn more about:
– Offering FREE Food
– Omnipresence
– Spending Money To Make Money
– Invoking Customer Action
– The Power Of Customer Attention

Check out episode one of Own Their Phones @ www.owntheirphones.com

#owntheirphones #restaurantmarketingideas #restaurantowner

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Let’s take this massive check to the bank! While this is a fun & entertaining video, there’s one key takeaway I want you to take away from this video.


My Dad got to take home this MASSIVE check and of course, I get to deposit it!

Not only did the check serve a purpose during the presentation, but It was also an amazing way for his group to gain attention when taking pictures and videos!

This check will stop the scroll!

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