Working My 2nd Job Showed Me GOLD!

So as you many know, I’ve started working a few shifts each week at Rapid Fired Pizza in Florence Kentucky 🍕

Well today,I worked the lunch shift and when I saw the 19 pizza order slip that came in over night it had 😍 in my eyes.

WHY? Because I knew it came through their online ordering system, which means there was an email on the receipt. Which meant we had 💾

Let’s Talk This One Through

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Restaurant Owners Deal With This Weekly… Now, I got a taste of the same medicine.

This past week, I got a taste of the medicine many restaurants deal with every week…

Fraudulent reviews!

After posing a question to my personal Facebook followers about whether or not our next America’s Best Restaurants Van should be a vintage Volkswagen, our “friend” Shaun had some false, choice things to say…

In this video, I tell the story… Enjoy 🙂

A review lets anyone say anything regardless of whether or not they’ve ACTUALLY physically visited your business or not. The best part? No one is actually doing anything about it.

Except for America’s Best Restaurants. We’re putting the narrative into the Restaurant Owners hands.

A place where restaurants all over the country can tell their own story.

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MP TV – Episode 84 – Find Your Drive With Perry Freeman

Get your shades on🕶️, because this week we stopped by Charleston SC, and after catching a few rays☀️ at the beach🏖️, and good eats at Coconut Joe’s🥥, we are joined by its owner, Perry Freeman.😎 Perry is a self made restaurateur. He started as a dishwasher🍽️ over 20 years ago and climbed the ranks 📈 to become the owner of Charleston Sports Pub along with its 7 locations (and one on the way!)😲, as well as Coconut Joe’s and Lawrence’s Seafood Company🦞! Today, Matt and Perry sit and discuss:

🕶️Be open about opportunities
🕶️Loyalty is built, not automatic
🕶️Infrastructure is crucial for growth
🕶️Habits can make or break, so make them productive
🕶️Not letting doubt be a killer
🕶️Stop overthinking and just take action

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Live With Restaurant Realty Podcast Michael Carro

Michael is a Broker at SVN Southland Commercial Real Estate Group
And The Host Of The “Restaurant Realty” Podcast.

Today We’re Going To Dig Into The Podcast & OF COURSE Real Estate!

Instagram (Podcast):
Instagram (Personal):

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MP TV – Episode 83 – Darren Denington Spills Secrets From Secret Shoppers

On the road again🏁, and we picked up none other than Darren Denington! Darren is the founder of Service With Style😎 , a premiere secret shopping company🤫🛍️. Since 1998 Darren has ruled as the king 👑of getting a true guest’s perspective and showing restaurants how that can help them improve their business👍! In the back of the America’s Best Restaurants van🚘, Matt and Darren delve into:

🔑Service relies on the little things adding up
🔑A good score is easy to attain, if you pay attention
🔑Communication is necessary for a good guest impact
🔑Don’t assume customers are having a great experience
🔑90% is where you want to be
🔑4 Key areas for your manager to focus on

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Let’s Feed Some Families!

It’s that time of year again to feed families in need with our Thanksgiving Food Drive.

This is our 13th year, let’s make it the best yet!

For 2021 we’ve partnered with the NKYFL to feed families in need in Northern Kentucky. We’ll be using multiple point of pickup in Boone, Kenton and Campbell County to make it even easier for families to pickup a meal.

You can donate on the link above. There are also links on the page for friends who are doing this in their home market, but as of 10/24/21 those are not live yet, so stay tuned. Worst case, you can donate to me and tell me it’s for their market and I’ll send the money over.

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Restaurant Author Interview – Carl Orsbourn “Delivering The Digital Restaurant”

It’s 2021 and it took a pandemic in 2020 to get a LOT of restaurants out of the stone ages and into this DECADE 🙂

Today we’re talking with Carl Orsbourn, the co-author of Delivering The Digital Restaurant.

We’re going to GRILL Carl on the top 3 things brick and mortar restaurants can do to capitalize on all things digital with regards to selling food.


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Wow…5 Years

I had to go live to talk about this, I can’t believe the journey I’ve been on…AND we’re just getting started.

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