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I had a conversation last week with a professional sales person that I thought I’d never have in 2015.   We were talking about creating a marketing campaign to inform his date-base about the new business he just launched.  I asked about the size of his database to which he said “what data-base?”   During the next […]

It's A Customer Service Tool 1st, Sales Machine 2nd

Most small businesses and honestly “marketing experts” have not figured out the main reason you should be active and monitoring your Social Media platforms.  I’ve always stated (and believed) the top reason to use Social Media is for SEO and branding.  Secondarily as a great way to market your business on your own advertising medium. […]

December Seminar..Don't Miss This One!

Learn 5 Keys To Google SEO, Social Media, Branding Your Business and Email Marketing Now more than ever YOU can make a larger impact on your company’s marketing efforts.  Not too long ago you were forced to find your customers and prospects through expensive mass media like Newspaper, Yellow Pages and TV. Now you can […]


Recently I was pursued by an aggressive sales person from a Cincinnati media company. Their products are good and they’re a decent fit for my client, problem is they’re TOO LATE.  I informed her the budget was pretty much spent for 2012 and there were limited opportunities.  I told her there was a chance that […]

I hope your emails stop, or your phone dies

If constantly flowing water can erode rock and create the Grand Canyon, then imagine what constantly flowing emails can do to you. I was in Baltimore for a speaking engagement recently. I decided to stay a couple of extra days, rented a car, and traveled with my wife to Washington DC. I had never been. […]

Are You Giving?

With 4th quarter fast approaching it is time to consider your client and employees. Now is the time to say Thank You; Thank you for your business through these tough times, for your hard work; thank you for the referrals, and thank you for your continued support. Giving a gift in the business world has […]

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