Guy Fieri’s Advice To All Restaurant Owners!

I had the fantastic opportunity to talk to Guy Fieri at the opening of his new restaurant Downtown Flavortown in Pigeon Forge Tennessee. On top of touring the forty-three thousand square foot facility, taste-testing food, and playing arcade games, we sat down to talk all things restaurant marketing and the importance of restaurant owners telling their stories.

If you’re a loyal follower of mine you know this but Guy and myself both agree that… telling your restaurant’s story is paramount!

Do you want help telling your restaurant’s story? Apply to be featured on the ABR Roadshow by clicking the link below!

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What are the non-negotiables of starting a restaurant – Doug Radkey

So you’re opening a restaurant, or just trying to rethink your current situation, what are the NON-NEGOTIABLES.

It’s episode 138 of the Restaurant Expert Roundup and we’re talking with Doug Radkey. He’s the host of the Bar Hacks Podcast and author of “Bar Hacks” and “Hacking the New Normal”.

Doug is also the President at KRG Hospitality, a hospitality company that specializes in helping early stage concepts and emerging hospitality brands unleash their full potential.


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Car Problems…Fire With Dad

Today Dad and I are digging into the many car issues and comical situations we’ve had.

I’ll warn you, between the two of us we’ve owned close to 75 cars and there are plenty of stories

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How To Not Be The Biggest Idiot In The Kitchen – Author Chef Andre Natera

Episode 137 of the Restaurant Expert Roundup is with Andre Natera, a former chef with over 25 years of experience in luxury hotels and high-end restaurants.

He’s passionate about mentoring and teaching people the knowledge needed to run a successful business. He’s the HOST of the Chef’s PSA podcast and Author of Chef’s PSA


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Tom Mosher is the Automation Magician at America’s Best Restaurants

In today’s episode of MP TV, we’re chatting it up with Tom Mosher! Tom is part of the America’s Best Restaurants team and his job may surprise you! He’s the KING of automation & restaurant technology! From automating customer data collection to reporting results, Tom has an important role here at ABR!
In this episode, we’ll dive into:
– What Tom does at ABR
– Where Tom grew up
– How Tom found ABR
– What Tom LOVES about his job!

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I MET GUY FIERI (This Is His Advice To All Restaurant Owners)

Take a trip to flavor town as I visit a client for their grand opening! You’ll never guess who was there… GUY FIERI! I was able to chat with him for a few minutes and he dropped some FIRE advice… It’s exactly what I’ve been preaching for years.

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Being The Best Restaurant Server

Awesome experiences in your restaurant are one major component that bring customers back, over and over, and that job typically falls in the hands of the server.

Today in Episode 136 of the Restaurant Expert Roundup we have Danny Davila,
an experienced restaurant veteran with 24 years in the business as server and bartender, but can also do all “front of the house” stuff.

He’s the co-host of the modern waiter and self-described “best at being a server who enjoys that job for the freedom of schedule.”

He feels strongly about the lack of good solid service and believes that companies need to train better and keep a standard instead of just filling holes for the now.”

Podcast Instagram:

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MP TV – Visiting Neir’s Tavern in Queens NY!

I’ve seen restaurants named after streets, but I’ve never seen streets named after restaurants! Neir’s Tavern in Queens New York is the first restaurant in America to have a street named after it has been around 1829!

In this episode of MP TV, you can expect to hear about how Loycent has revamped this historical restaurant. Strategies he has taken to involve the community, and some of the famous movies that have been shot on sight at Neirs Tavern!

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